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Thread: Alopecia?? any of y'all on here deal with this? D:

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    Question Alopecia?? any of y'all on here deal with this? D:

    Hey y'all. So, I'm not the one suffering alopecia, but my kid's godmom--a lifelong friend of the family, was there when my daughter was born, etc--has a teenaged daughter who was recently diagnosed with alopecia. She's got big patches of hair loss and just started high school last month, which I can only imagine is a really mortifying combination of events to happen at once. Recently, some little bastard at her high school has taken to bullying her over her hair loss, which of course the school has done nothing about. I feel so bad for this girl y'all. She's a good kid, makes excellent grades, an athlete, has always steered clear of drugs (despite the community we live in, where drugs are prevalent and opportunities are limited). I don't know what to do to be supportive of her, except throw in money on her wig fund. I'm not close with this kid in particular but I'm close with her mom. Any advice?

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    Default Re: Alopecia?? any of y'all on here deal with this? D:

    I remember I was bullied in school for having seboreic dermatitis. I was having huge flakes of dandruff and kids are really mean about it. They were saying that I am filthy, aka, I don't like water and soap lol. Thankfully, when I was 15, I discovered a shampoo from Vichy and my life changed. It's been 11 years now since I use it (on and off) and hopefully it won't dissapear from the market.
    So, I kinda know the feeling.

    But I ALSO, guess what, had a friend in childhood who had (I think) same problem. She was barely having hair or eyebrows. And she was wearing wigs all the time. All kind of wigs. She was being bullied too, but the wigs were helping her being more confident and actually she wasn't that introvert anymore, after a while. She was facing mean people, in a very strong manner. Idk what happened to her ever since, tho, I haven't seen her since I went to uni and moved.

    I guess you can only help her with a nice wig and also, help her be confident, help her grow some thick skin, help her love herself. And also, teach her to value and pay attention to the people who like her the way she is, not those who are mean to her. Help her embrace the wigs and encourage her to try new colors. She can basically change her haircuts and hair colors the way she wants!
    I like this youtuber: She is wearing all kind of crazy and nice wigs!

    Maybe you want to help her start an youtube channel. People with different kind of problems, are very well seen on youtube and she can help other girls, who are dealing with the problem. She can try new wigs, do tutorials, speak about it, encourage other girls, etc.

    Idk what else to say, those are my two cents...

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