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Thread: Convection oven? Anyone use?

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    Question Convection oven? Anyone use?

    So, I was going to get a microwave, but now I'm considering a combo of the two..
    Anyone use/like these?
    Thanks! I

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    Default Re: Convection oven? Anyone use?

    Well, you're clearly talking about a small convection oven.
    Not the wall oven type, right?

    I do have a wall convection oven and I love it, because the food cooks faster and even and also, it helps me with getting a nice crust. For example, I do bake potatoes, exactly like fries. It gives them a crust and they are soft inside. Just like they are fried. And it only takes 20 minutes. And it's super healthy. Because convection is basically a fan, that blows hot air. I use my regular wall oven for heating the leftovers too, because I don't need a microwave, thanks to it (I can't use a normal plate, tho, I need to use a tray, but no big deal when I have dishwasher hehehe). And I also have a defrost button.

    So, probably the one you're saying about, does kinda same thing. I do reccomend it. It's really useful!
    Convection is not reccomended for baking stuff that need a humid place (bread, cakes) only.

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