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Thread: How long do you spend getting ready for work?

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    Default How long do you spend getting ready for work?

    Any tips on cutting off time doing hair and makeup? I spend way too long getting ready and Id be so happy to know some time saving tips so I could start getting to the club earlier and saving on house fees!

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    Default Re: How long do you spend getting ready for work?

    Ok so here's me:

    1. Take a shower and hop in my car to go to the club
    2. Get me some lunch on the way there if I'm not bringing it from home
    3. Get to the club, eat my lunch
    4. Hit my vape a few times
    5. Pick some color-by-numbers bullshit tutorial for makeup because I can't do my makeup worth a fuck
    6. Take forever doing my makeup
    7. Gotta try like three outfits on before I pick one I like
    8. Hit my vape a-fuckin-gain
    9. Prob some other girl is in the dressing room and we're bitching about our baby daddies or talking about the news or something
    11. Don't hustle til it's my turn to go on stage because I suck

    DON'T BE ME. I AM TRASH. I take FOREVER to fucking get ready for ANYTHING. Oh did I mention I have to hand-wash my panties in the dressing room sink because I have most definitely forgotten to do laundry? WOW.

    On the other hand, here's my homegirl:

    1. Take a shower
    2. Do makeup beforehand using tried & true strategies
    3. A simple but seductive hairstyle
    4. Head to the club
    5. Pick an outfit real quick
    6. Hit the floor and make money

    Deadass my homie spends MAYBE 10 or 15 minutes in the dressing room and my ass is in there for a full hour. It's so bad that we live in the same town like an hour from the club and we don't carpool because I take forever to get ready. Be my homie. Don't be me. Stick to tried & true methods with makeup, hair, etc. and do them at home. Don't spend a lot of time picking an outfit, and be mindful of your schedule. I don't do these things because I am undisciplined trash. There's some reasons that aren't my fault (I can't eat club food due to celiac disease, chronic pain issues, etc) but most of the reasons I take forever getting ready are my fault.

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    Default Re: How long do you spend getting ready for work?

    Use primers and setting spray when you do makeup and do it at home, not in the dressing room. No one cares if you drive around with stripper makeup on, you can put on sunglasses or a hat.

    Do hair at work, keep hair perfume or body spray in your locker.

    I take anywhere between 15 min to an hour to get ready depending on what's going on.
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    Default Re: How long do you spend getting ready for work?

    i am in the dressing room 5 minutes max. ive stripped for 9 years and did my makeup at work ONCE. if i do a quick quick makeup and hair i take 40 minutes max including shower. to get super glam (like if i audition or work friday night at a nicer club) i probably take 90 minutes or more, putting in clip ins, beating a full face and putting sally hansen all over my body.

    i do this at home too of course. i never understood why girls do their makeup in the club, it just takes so much longer. i think what you can save time on is hair, mine usually looks a mess after an hour at work anyways. and guys don't care that much. plus, a lot of guys prefer natural makeup.

    i scale my glam according to how necessary it is. wednesday at a dive? brows, lashes and bronzer with my hair in bun or rat's nest. i will still make the same money cause they will pick me out of the few other girls anyways. plus, you will look out of place with major glam. weekends at fancy club? GO ALL OUT! be fancy, you need the confidence boost that looking your best will give you, and hopefully stand out.

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