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Thread: July 2018 Story about AW being banned in UK, updates?

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    Default July 2018 Story about AW being banned in UK, updates?

    Hi all, long time no see. Just spotted this story Didn't want it to get lost in the AW thread as it's really important to know what's going on. I am well out of the loop. Any updates?

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    Default Re: July 2018 Story about AW being banned in UK, updates?

    They debated...nothing may come of it, we'll have to wait and see.

    This is the end of the debate -

    Sarah Champion

    I will give my time to the Minister, because I would really like her to answer three questions. First, will she legislate to ensure that websites cannot financially benefit from exploited women? Secondly, will she stop criminalising women who are forced into prostitution? Thirdly, will she criminalise both the buyers and those who force women, and benefit from forcing women, into prostitution?
    Ian Paisley (in the Chair)

    Victoria Atkins

    I am so sorry—I was unable to note all the questions. I suspect and hope that this is the first of a programme of debates that we will have on this issue in the period while the research is being developed. May I take those questions away? The hon. Lady will appreciate that I cannot commit to legislate on my feet in Westminster Hall—would that it were so—but I undertake to write to her on those points. She knows, given the work that she has done in other areas and on other matters, that I am always more than willing to listen; indeed, it is my privilege to do so. I will take away her questions and consider them, and we will see where we get to.

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