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Thread: My First Night Ever: A Review

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    Last night was my first night EVER dancing in any club. I was super fucking nervous and had no idea what I was doing, but I made sure to pay attention to the other girls.

    I got there at 5pm, no house fee because newbies get 2 free ones. It was dead, they didn't even have a rotation going because...nobody was there. SO then this small (fucking gorgeous tho) asian woman was introduced to me by this old DJ whose the day DJ. She was super kind and was explaining everything to me, like how it's all a fantasy and we are playing pretend (which I knew but she was genuinely giving good tips) so then she gave me a lap dance, and was teaching me how to give one and I gave one to her.

    So then after she left, there was a girl who was insanely talented on the pole, and since it was dead she was teaching this one girl how to do some tricks, so I watched. She approached me and was like "hey are you new?? it's dead, do you wanna learn some floor work??" and I'm like hell fucking yeah because my audition was just me on the pole looking dumb and shit lmao

    So she taught me a ballerina spin, how to twerk (I seriously didn't know how), how to make your ass jiggle while on your tip toes, how to do a cool spin where you switch arms halfway and then some other really basic floor work. Then we had actual customers come in around 8pm

    So instead of interacting I observed what other girls were doing. They go up, ask if they can sit there and then flirt and ask for a dance. The waitress pointed me in the direction of this really young guy who I gave my first ever lap dance to!! The bouncers were helpful in that sense as well, and some guy tipped me for taking a picture of him and his buddy lmao

    So my first stage set nobody was there, but my second one, I made like 12$ off of lmao and this one (clearly drunk) guy tried to grab my crotch under my panties while putting ones in my garter and underwear and honestly?? that was the most uncomfy part of my night. I snatched the money from his hands (and moved his hands as well) , gave him a smile and walked away

    Here's An Important Thing I Noticed

    When you're dancing onstage you can do whatever the fuck you want as long as it's sexy. This hot blonde barbie looking girl (who I mention later in this post) was up there dancing around like she was in the movie Burlesque. It was great.

    2.The girls who were the most successful last night, in terms of always giving dances and going right up to customers, just went balls out and did it. They didn't hesitate to ask questions about the men, they didn't hesitate to sit on their laps, or flirt. They just did it. This one girl who was my age and JUST started 3 weeks ago was doing a great job (we were sitting at the same table with some men) just being confident. I think that's gonna be the thing I struggle with the most. ALSO side note her sister, who looked like a barbie with Ariana grande's ponytail, yes her actual blood sister, was doing an even better job and sucked some guy into buying 5 dances in a. row....100$ for about 15 minutes worth her time. Also the girls were both gorgeous but another girl who was doing great last night wasn't pretty, had no boobs, a gut, and a flat butt and she was still doing fantastic.

    I'm excited to go back tomorrow night, especially after paying attention to what these girls did, and now I know some girls too. Hopefully this helped a little bit, this was just my experience and my club is higher class I'd day, just for reference.

    PS. I AM SOOOO SORE. I wanna start doing yoga, and buy knee pads to go under my socks when I wear thigh highs.

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    Wow that is so lucky! I wish someone had showed me how to give a lap dance! Seems like you're at a really nice club with a great group of girls. And honestly $12 on stage isn't bad... at my club last night I went on stage three times and made exactly $0 in stage tips. (It was the same for every other girl, not just me).

    A tip for confidence - I look at the club like it's my party, and I'm being a good hostess. I'm making sure my guests feel welcome and seen and taken care of. And of course I offer them a dance, because that's what they're at my party for!

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    Thats really great advice!

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