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Thread: How to stop impulse buying

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    Default How to stop impulse buying

    I have a retail therapy problem, I also like to help out friends whenever I can even if it fucks me over in the long run. But it's affecting me too much. Any advice for how to stop impulse buying or helping? I am moving out of an emotionally abusive and overall crappy home situation and going to be all on my own so i'm worried about controlling my finances. I'm hoping it won't be as much of a problem once i'm out of the home situation as I was constantly spending to cope with my troubles, but I'm not counting on that to work 100% of the time so any pointers and help is appreciated

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    You’re always going to spend in accordance with your highest values. If you don’t value wealth and savings over other things then impulse spending will take priority. Check out Dr John Demartini’s 6 Steps to Wealth and The Values Factor. They’ll both help you with this.

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    Honestly make yourself go to a library or park instead of a mall.

    Or hit up the gym.
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