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Thread: A question regarding indiebill

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    Default A question regarding indiebill


    Does anyone know in regards to getindiebill, if they age check or anything in place to protect those under 18 from purchasing content or shows from the site? I know for most adult websites not only is there an 18+ enter sign but they do their own kind of age verification thing but I don't know if indiebill does?
    Like if someone buys a skype show from my page on there, is it up to them or me to ensure this person is actually 18 or over?

    Also does anyone know where sites like indiebill may stand when the UK laws do come in to play with age verification?

    I wanted to make this my main site to use but a bit wary of the above.

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    Default Re: A question regarding indiebill

    I really would like to know this too

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