I don't have Skype running, but calls from guys keep getting through. I killed SkypeHost.exe from the command line. It's absolutely gone, but the calls still get through. I rebooted, made sure Skype wasn't running, but the call still got through. I couldn't even find the Do Not Disturb button that used to be there.

I had a guy Skype call me twice during my show tonight. It really ticked me off, because I was making pennies all night and he was making it worse. When they call me like that it doesn't look like the normal app. I even accidentally clicked accept trying to find a menu button. There was no video but I could hear him puttering around. That even ticked me off more!

I finally blocked him and killed Skype, so just now I went to start Skype proper and of course it's asking me for a password, so apparently I wasn't logged in despite still receiving calls and being able to block him. The interface is different when I started it up from the menu compared to when the guy called me, so something weird is going on.

Has anyone had this problem? How did you stop those calls? This is absolutely driving me nuts. I can't keep having this happen. I even had guys call me while I was trying to non-cam work. I don't know why Skype won't shut off when it's off.


So, Skype wants to update. I'll see what this does.