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Thread: Most Dangerous States

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    Default Most Dangerous States

    Well, since we base population on states, why not crime?

    Here are the most dangerous states in the country.

    So, here's the list:

    Most Dangerous States
    1. Louisiana
    2. Missouri
    3. Mississippi
    4. Maryland
    5. Alabama
    6. South Carolina
    7. Alaska
    8. Illinois
    9. Nevada
    10. Tennessee

    Least Dangerous States
    1. New Hampshire
    2. Maine
    3. Hawaii
    4. Vermont
    5. Massachusetts
    6. Utah
    7. Minnesota
    8. Iowa
    9. North Dakota
    10. Idaho

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    Default Re: Most Dangerous States

    WTF, where's Florida on that 'most dangerous' list?

    I suppose it depends on what area within the state. As in most of Michigan is very safe, so they get a 'free pass' for fucking Detroit, my hometown...
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