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Thread: Havenít cammed since 2012...

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    Default Havenít cammed since 2012...

    But I am burnt out by corporate America. I by no means plan to leave my job until I can take over my income with camming. Back in the day I did well, but I never did more than 10 hours a week at MOST. I was planning on putting at least 30 hours a week into it again. I also know it takes time to make a steady income but I guess what I want to know is it if still possible for a slight BBW to make 4K a month working 30 or so hours a week. I mainly use clips4sale and streammate. Just some advice please. Iím a single mother and working for a corporate job who doesnít appreciate you, is wearing me down. Thank you for reading this, and I appreciate any input and advice you ladies can provide to me. Really. Thank you

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    Default Re: Havenít cammed since 2012...

    Log on and see what happens.

    Repeat the schedule you have before and see what results you get now.
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    Default Re: Havenít cammed since 2012...

    4 hs more or less per day...mmmm i find it hard to make that amount per month, nowadays, most girls work at least 8hs a day at least from monday to friday and 4hs per day on weekends. But try, you will never know if you dont.
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    Default Re: Havenít cammed since 2012...

    I started on Streamate in 2012. I closed my account in 2015 and reopened a new one in 2016. Biggest mistake Ive ever made creating a new account. Streamate is so different now. It's much, much slower than back in 2012. You will have to put in a lot of hours on SM and be very consistent. However, if you bust ass and get up to the first several rows, it would probably be worth it. I think the days of making any amount of money on a 10 hr week are over for Streamate at least if you're on a new account *after the new account status ends* (Oh yeah, take advantage of that "new" status! I forgot how long you are listed as *new* though) I have been branching out to token sites and I have to be honest, I have been loving Chaturbate. Also, selling social media is something different from 2012. If you like social media you can sell a premium Snapchat, Only fans for Twitter, etc. Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Havenít cammed since 2012...

    All I can say is welcome to hell! Lol

    No for real I would give it a try. If you decide you hate camming again, just work sites as much as you can during your new member period, get all your monay and then get out of there.

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