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Thread: Any dancers dealing with eating disorders?

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    Default Any dancers dealing with eating disorders?

    I know stripping isn't the best profession for someone who's self conscious about their body but I was wondering if I could find any kindred spirits here. I've had anorexia since I was 11 (so 11 years now) and am looking for people to relate to and advice for dealing with insecurity while dancing and restricting while dancing.

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    Default Re: Any dancers dealing with eating disorders?

    Make sure to bring snacks that won’t trigger anything but are filling enough for work. I was recovering when I first started dancing, so I made sure to bring food I felt okay with eating (fruit, trail mix, protein bar). Recovery is possible! It really helped me knowing I felt beautiful dancers were made from so many different body types.

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    Default Re: Any dancers dealing with eating disorders?

    Maybe a really weird suggestion, but consider looking into digestive enzymes? I know any sort of post-meal bloating can be super triggering, and many healthy foods can cause some bloating / gas... Plus, anyone who isn't getting a lot of food may struggle when it comes to building enzymes naturally (mild protein deficiency). So you could take some enzymes with your pre-work snack or meal.

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    Default Re: Any dancers dealing with eating disorders?

    Wooooo I sure did! I came into dancing with the disorder, had it for 10 years, and had to hit rock bottom. I eventually gained weight when I was told my organs were shutting down, seizures, 3 rounds of home nurse care, and I broke a bone a few times just going on the pole. That was the wakeup call for me.

    Best thing for me was when I gained weight and went back to dancing I realized, "Hey.....I'm still being asked for dances making the same amount, people are still calling me beautiful, and hitting on me in public. All these other girls are still being found attractive getting dances despite all the different body sizes/types. Someone is bound to like my body AND if I wasn't good looking they would not keep me at the club." Reminding yourself that is so important. It can be scary watching the scale go up. Been there done that. If a customer declines a dance, don't instantly go to the first thought "It's because of my body." Guys like different types and shapes and personalities of girls. That's the beauty of life. Don't take it personally.

    As for food, eating some light but high protein is good! Or a salad. You don't want to feel bad about yourself and insecure for downing something like a pizza or something carb loaded if the club provides food.

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    Default Re: Any dancers dealing with eating disorders?

    I take a natural digestive enzyme, it has papaya & pineapple. I get it @ Trader Joes, but other places have it.

    I had a roomie w/eating disorders, she went to support groups & it seemed to help.
    I remember telling me how hard it is, I mean drugs etc you quit, but you have to eat.

    Anyway good luck.

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