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    Default Clipsites/online traffic

    Hey friends! I pretty much exclusively make online content - camming isn't a great option for me as I'm a full time mother and student, so creating content I can sell has been a much better way of making money. I was doing super well for a few months with OnlyFans, but now I'm not even earning half of what I used to... at my peak I had 350 subscribers and now I only have 188, and it's dropping every day.

    I've started selling using ManyVids as well, but it's not really making up for the money that's been lost from OnlyFans.

    I think the main issue is Instagram - since they started fucking with SW accounts my reach has dropped DRAMATICALLY and nobody new is seeing my content. I've started on Twitter too but that's going to take time to build up.

    I'm trying to look for other websites to sell clips on. I honestly don't have the time to make more exclusive content for other sites and advertising my content for all different but I've been thinking of just putting up my ManyVids videos on a bunch of different websites - which websites would any other babes who sell clips recommend selling on? Ideally I'm looking for fairly minimal effort, so websites that have their own traffic as opposed to me constantly linking to them would be amazing.

    Apart from ManyVids, what do you folks use?

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    Default Re: Clipsites/online traffic

    I'm personally on four sites:- ELM, IWC, MV and C4S

    ELM (ExtraLunchMoney) is better for customs, the guys are pretty cheap on there but you do occassionally find guys will to pay for quality content, you can put up your premade videos but traffic isn't that high for them

    IWC (IWantClips) is generally better for femdom material, it has it's own traffic though personally not a ton for me - that being said I'm earning more now I'm regularly uploading on there (daily)

    MV you know about

    and C4S (clips4sale) which is in my opinion (and my earnings!) the best clipsite. It has its own traffic but fetish stuff does much better here than vanilla stuff

    really it kinda depends what content you back but theres my two cents

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    Default Re: Clipsites/online traffic

    I'm seconding what Pixie said. Hands down C4S but keep in mind that vanilla doesn't as a rule do well there though of course there is always exceptions.
    If you are an American ELM currently doesn't have a payout option for us and while supposedly they are working on that I certainly wouldn't sign up until there was.

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