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Thread: Fast Heart Beat, sustained after Shift's Over

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    Default Fast Heart Beat, sustained after Shift's Over

    Hi Girls,

    So if any of you girls have advice on this, I would appreciate it **so** much! : D

    So I work in a fast club here in the southwest...I also have worked in vegas and it's the same result. Basically, It's super duper fast hard core hustling 12-4, then shift's over! The money comes super fast and then the club closes. You're bouncing from guy to guy, trying to get money real fast, saying and doing the right stuff at the right time. During the dances, you paying attention to the guy and trying to ultra-turn-him-on during the end of song 1 so he'll go on to song 2, etc etc.

    The thing is, I feel like my heart beats faster when I'm at the club, and even when I'm home after a shift. I don't know how to reduce my heart rate. On the nights that I work I have problems sleeping more than 5-6 hours If I work several nights in a row, i sleep for 4 hours, and wake up. Unless I drug myself with benedryl. The feeling goes away after not working at the club for like two days

    I feel like my heart still beats faster the daytime after I've worked the previous night, and it's scaring me.
    weed edible helps like 30%, but thats it. Magnesium helps a tad. Tried xanax twice from a friend, didnt work much, I dont do anything else so I dunno.
    I dont have any health issues. Maybe I dont do enough cardio?

    I work at a loud-fast-music club, so the loud music and having to deal with keeping the guy aroused, etc, it almost gives me mild-sustained anxiety.

    I really would like to just go to work, make money, come homes, and sleep a full 8 hours and most importatnly, dont feel my heart beating fast the next day. Like a can't catch my breathe and a super mild pressure on my chest. Think of a hip hop club...

    Dont feel it anytime else, even when working convinced it's maybe an anxiety thing form the overstimulation at the club? I dunno?


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    Default Re: Fast Heart Beat, sustained after Shift's Over

    Caffeine and alcohol can cause this in many folks (myself included). I experience arrhythmia when i have coffee, red wine, alcohol... it can be quite scary, even though it's often harmless.

    Caffeine stays in your system for a long time...

    I would get checked out by a healthcare professional if possible. If nothing else, that'd give you peace of mind, which could help with any psychosomatic issues. You can tell the doctor that you're concerned about it, and tell them that you're a bartender so you don't have to 'out' yourself as a dancer.

    Agreed that magnesium can help. But I'd guess that something else is at play... either anxiety, alcohol, caffeine, or genetic predisposition...

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    Default Re: Fast Heart Beat, sustained after Shift's Over

    You need a wind down routine. Whatever your schedule is, get a routine down. I find myself also worked up excessively and it takes me about 3 hours to get ready for bed. Hot shower, lotion warmer, dark and cool bedroom all help. I also limit screen time as it's a stimulant.

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    Default Re: Fast Heart Beat, sustained after Shift's Over

    I agree on the wind down routine. Research some calming essential oils for it too?

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    Default Re: Fast Heart Beat, sustained after Shift's Over

    its probably more than likely anxiety, i deal with the same shit. CBD oil helps, wine is actually helping me ALOT ( just a glass or 2) LOL

    I take St. Johns Wort too here and there and something that Im trying to do is decrease my caffeine intake Lavendar Essential Oil helps .
    Your body is your temple.

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    Default Re: Fast Heart Beat, sustained after Shift's Over

    I am assuming midnight to 4am? That is a huge stain on the system to mess with the circadian rhythms like that. Night shift is a well known health hazard, but I'm not about to tell you to go to day shift... I know sometimes we all gotta do what we gotta do, and sometimes that's work til 4am. That plus the fast pace you mentioned is probably doing a number on your nervous system and cortisol levels, and that's even before we factor in things like anxiety. I agree with whoever else suggested a solid wind-down routine. Meditation can also be great to learn how to calm back down more quickly.

    With what you are describing, I 98% guarantee that if you go see a Western medicine doc, they will run labs and tests and find "nothing wrong with you". I say that because a) I am also an RN and b) I have had similar symptoms in the past and they "Found nothing". But if you are able to find a really good Chinese medicine practitioner/acupuncturist (find one trained in CLASSICAL Chinese medicine, NOT "Traditional" Chinese medicine, if possible... biiiiig difference in training and effectiveness) they can help you out. Chinese medicine is able to track and adjust imbalances way before they become too solidified and advanced in the body, bringing you back into balance before things become so advanced that you end up in the ER with worsened chest pain. Worth a shot.

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    Default Re: Fast Heart Beat, sustained after Shift's Over

    3a5d193c6d2baa470bd98ce345526a37.jpg I was starting to have the same thing happen. Especially right after my Mom passed last year.
    This works great. You might want to give it a try.
    Let us know.

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