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    This may be a ďdumbĒ question but I need lap dance pointers. Iím a newbie in LA working at a nude club and Iíve been having trouble getting more than one dance per customer.

    My question is: Do you actually make contact with the customerís lap/body, do you ďgrindĒ on the customer? I know the law varies for contact amounts in each state, but in California you can have physical contact during the dance. I have been dancing somewhat in front of the customer with occasional ass to lap contact. Should I be straddling them or grinding on them? I donít really get to observe other dancers, I feel rude staring and they are not the friendliest.

    Also, YouTube hasnít been helpful for me in this area, itís all super choreographed which Iím not great at.

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    Default Re: Lap Dances

    If contact is legal in your area probably at least a medium degree of it is going to be expected by customers.

    I personally don't like giving "grindy" dances (unless it's a custie I know isn't gonna blow his load) but I'll still pose on their lap, lie across them, straddle them and motorboat them, do body slides, etc. I also try to build verbal rapport if I can- customers are likely to extend if they feel that they're connecting with you.

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