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Thread: How to word things that won't get you in trouble

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    Default How to word things that won't get you in trouble

    I read an article about 10 women arrested in a Casselberry strip club how one woman said she would "party" with him which includes, "whatever you want."

    Where I work the safest word that'll keep us from getting charged is "play"

    Would words like satisfy, have a good time, or make you feel good get you in trouble with the undercover cops?

    Just advice on how to sell dances legally without getting into trouble.

    Sorry if this has confused some of you..

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    Default Re: How to word things that won't get you in trouble

    I was always under the impression that what you mention is perfectly fine.

    We have to be licensed here & there's nothing in the contract we sign about verbiage - you would only get charged for actual touching acts or literally offering to meet up with an undercover OTC. If someone is doing extras, I believe the cop would literally have to see them being done/receive them.

    Sooo.... I guess depending on your area's legalities, think of cute phrases to use that are legal. If it's that strict, I'd use "I'm ready to go play with you!" , "Let's go have some fun", "I'm ready to get topless now!" etc. Either vague enough (first two), or specific enough that you're definitely not insinuating anything else (last one).
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    Default Re: How to word things that won't get you in trouble

    I feel like this should be in Ladies Only. There are too many eyes here. It all depends on where you live and the laws where you are. Where I live people can get busted just for saying anything that might imply that sex or sex acts may occur. Cops can legally engage in sex or sex acts with you and arrest you afterwards after they've gotten their rocks off where I live. It's really hard to say what's safe words in your area. I suppose you could say,"Lets go have fun in VIP" but do not specify or allude to any sex acts. I've seen someone get busted for telling a guy that he would have a very happy ending in the VIP room.

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    Default Re: How to word things that won't get you in trouble

    I try to be transparent with the guys and tell them it's just a dance. The closest I got with saying something inappropriate was when a guy wanted to know what the rules in the vip were and I said, "We make our own," and as it turns out this particular guy just wanted to stare into my eyes most of the vip time. Of course, this wasn't in LA and definitely not in NYC. One club in NYC actually threatened us with arrest by mentioning frequent raids at their establishment during orientation to deter us from going into too much detail about vip rooms, including the prices and the fact that they were skimming as much as 70% off of what the customers paid. What I've started telling guys lately is that if we get a couple of hours in the vip, a free nap is included. That never makes the sale immediately, but at least it makes them laugh and then when they're done laughing, they might buy dances. Also, I try to emphasize that for more money for the vip, the guy is basically paying for more space and more privacy in which to enjoy each other's company. If your club includes complementary drinks with the vip, maybe mention that as well? Also, I sometimes mention the fact that a vip is actually like buying dances in bulk, such that the total value of vip is a savings relative to buying the same amount of time in dances on the main floor but in a more comfortable environment. All this blabber doesn't actually sell the vip, I don't think, for me at least. Usually, it's either the guy wants to spend money on you or not and you fill the time talking about whatever until the guy is ready to dance, and if he likes you enough, to dance with you.
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