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Thread: Audition help?!

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    Default Audition help?!

    I'm auditioning for the first time at a club and I can't find any straightforward answers online about what to wear to an audition. The club has open auditions during normal business hours. Should I wear street clothes, or lingerie to my initial audition? Also, should I buy a pair of pleasers or just wear regular heels? I've heard that most places don't like street shoes because they leave scuffs on the stage, but what do you guys think? I've also read to call and ask the club about dress code for the auditions, does this seem unprofessional to the club managers? Any advice at all would be much appreciated, thank you
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    Default Re: Audition help?!

    Honestly I think you are over thinking it. Just wear whatever makes you feel sexy Any sex shop should get you started with the basics. You might as well buy some legit shoes so you can work if they hire you
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    Default Re: Audition help?!

    I wouldn't buy a pair of pleasers before you actually get hired. You can work your first shift in regular heels before you start dropping money on things for a job you might not even want to keep doing.
    And like most places the stage barely gets cleaned at all, I can't imagine anywhere caring about scuffs when girls do heel bangs into the stage all the time.

    Call and ask about dress code for auditions. In some areas there are bylaws about what you cannot wear, and the club may also have specific rules on things. It's not unprofessional to be prepared, nobody automatically knows all the club rules/local bylaws without asking.

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