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    I've been on MGF for almost a year (on Oct 31st), plus ManyVids, and I've only ever done solo content. Most of my videos/photosets are $5-25, depending on the length/# of photos. I now have a guy that's wanting to make content with me but I have no idea what to price b/g content at. Do I price like I normally do or do I go above $25?

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    I do $1/min plus a few bucks for solo vids and $2.50/min plus a few bucks extra for b/g. So for example:

    -10 minute solo clip for $12.99 or $13.99 ($14.99-$15.99 if I liked it a lot)

    -10 minute b/g clip for $28.99-$30.99 (more if it's super kinky or it has anal)

    Custom vid prices are a different story lol

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