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Thread: Why Fascists Hate Masturbation

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    Default Re: Why Fascists Hate Masturbation

    Quote Originally Posted by Djoser View Post
    Normal people can rarely handle us. Or as I call them Day People, but I'm night shift, I can't stand dayshift.
    I catch it from the other dancers and staff I work with too, though. I just tell them, “you probably wouldn’t be ‘normal’ if you’d lived my life, either”. Then they’ll turn around and say or do things that leave me scratching my head wondering, “But how exactly is THAT supposed to be normal?”.

    Stripping has certainly caused me to meet some very ‘colorful’ people. And many of them see me the same way.
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    Default Re: Why Fascists Hate Masturbation

    I am not finished with this thread yet. Finally, I heard about an fascist who highlights what I was talking about in this thread.

    Here's Nathan Larson, a pedophile, racist, rapist, and a white supremacist running for Congress. He too hate masturbation and the adult industry. He blames the adult industry for creating free love and bring down the Aryan family. He wants to criminalized all adult industry work.Meanwhile, he wants to legalized pedophilia, child marriage, rape, incest, murder, and controlling minorities via family planning. In reality, Larson is no different than other fascists we talked about in this thread. However, Larson is pretty honest about how Fascism and sexual deviancy goes hand and hand.
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