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    Angry BS Reviews

    Hi, there beautiful,

    I work on TTM for 3 months. I raised my 3 profiles and made them great. Nice reviews and some money. 200$ a week is ok or can be more?
    A huge problem occured to me the last days.
    I think I am in the middle of a hate tornado, competition may have asked some rude callers to call me. They call for 30 seconds hang up and rate me 1 or 2 stars. Omg. I did not even say a proper greeting in this time. For my best profile I had 20 of 10 grades only 5 stars. Today 2 of these bastards with few seconds call they ruined my profile. Not onle they have those low grades but ohe also made bad comments not true ones.
    I wrote to customer service but they do not replace the reviews as we all know.
    What do you do ladies please help me. In a situation like this? These things can ruin an account. What can I do??? Really I am frightened. I work so so my only income.

    Thank yoy so much!!!
    Have a nice $$$$$ day!

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    Default Re: BS Reviews

    That sux :/

    Twitter has a very similar dilemma because they offer nothing in terms of customer service aside email that's canned 90% of the time. They get quite a few disgruntled people leaving bad reviews on Google maps, despite it not relating to the online social platform dynamic, but I can't blame people for venting their frustration in some way or another.

    Anyways these Engineers created Python Script with Katalon to just review 1000s of businesses in the proximity and once they had lvl 5 tour guide they come swoop in and 5/5 rofl! If you get the chrome extension it''s actually probably doable to dilute your reviews, I've had it make accts and do like 300 DMCA takedown rebuttals in a matter of minutes.

    You simply would need to record the account creation and then just have it play back and then do the same for the reviews lol. Personally I never look at reviews on anything, I usually like things other people are appalled from anyways :p

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