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Thread: Has anyone sold sentimental jewelry?

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    Default Has anyone sold sentimental jewelry?

    So, I'm a bit conflicted. When I was an infant my grandpa bought me a very nice gold bracelet to wear one day when I was an adult. My mother kept in her safety deposit box for years and gave it to me earlier on in the year. The bracelet is way too big for my wrist and too small to be an anklet. I could theoretically take it to a jeweler and get it made smaller but the thing is, the bracelet is not my style at all. I know I could get a good amount of money if I sold it, but I would feel guilty, especially since my grandpa passed this year. At the same time, every time I look at it I feel dread because I think, "Oh, that's the bracelet you don't want to keep, but would feel guilty about selling."

    Has anyone been in this situation? What did you end up doing? I'm usually not very sentimental, maybe the reason why this bracelet is different is because he died so recently and it feels like selling it would be bad karma, or something.

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    Default Re: Has anyone sold sentimental jewelry?

    Since you mentioned being able to take it to get re-sized ... have you considered getting it reworked instead? Would it be possible to have it taken apart and worked into a new piece of jewelry, or is it pretty much all one solid piece?

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    Default Re: Has anyone sold sentimental jewelry?

    True story- most yellow gold gets melted down for bulk. Gold purchasing places are the best price you will get.

    I honestly think you should get it melted into a pendant or money clip.

    Retail value on "swag" jewelry is very low. My ex only got $200 for a diamond and gold ring b/c the buyer was a giant dude who who couldn't find pinkie rings in his size.
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    Default Re: Has anyone sold sentimental jewelry?

    I recently sold my engagement ring after my relationship fell apart. I wanted to get rid of it so I could put that chapter of my life behind me, but it did also have sentimental value as my grandfather made it. My family were jewellers so to a degree it was just another ring they'd made out of thousands, but he passed away last year so I was quite unsure about selling it because I worried I would feel gulity. In the end, I sold it and although a couple of times I felt a bit bad immediately following, I'm now okay with my decision completely. I think that it's easy to feel like we're betraying people by selling things they've given us but ultimately they're just that - things. Your love for the person isn't changing.

    I guess ask yourself how you'll feel about it in 5 months or 5 years. If you can imagine yourself regretting it that far from now then maybe selling it isn't the best idea. If you think you either won't be fussed either way or be relieved, then selling it might be a good option. Good luck!

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