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Thread: Going back to dancing next saturday!(10th)

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    Default Going back to dancing next saturday!(10th)

    Hey guys. So,after a break of something like 6 years, I am finally going back to dancing next saturday! I start work at a club called Grace's in Brighton, UK, and tbh I am nervous as hell! But also super excited. The club isnt in my area, and I dont drive, so Ive booked a room & train tickets for it so I can chill a bit after the club, rather than worrying about getting straight home while half asleep (I dont function at all when tired). I am mostly just excited, but omg, I am so rusty at this! Like, I dont even have a pole to practice on at home! & I need to get the heels out, & get used to them again. I just wanted to share, because I dont know anyone in the dancing community, so I'm a bit alone with it all.
    I hope everyone is doing good x

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    Default Re: Going back to dancing next saturday!(10th)

    That's so exciting! I came back after a 6-year break last year. You'll be sore at first of course, but the hustle mentality and muscle memory never leaves. It really is like riding a bike.

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    Default Re: Going back to dancing next saturday!(10th)

    Good luck, give an update when you can

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    Default Re: Going back to dancing next saturday!(10th)

    Every time i go back, i get crazy amounts of anxiety and waaaay overthink everything, and then once i actually make it into the club, I'm like, "oh yeah, this is easy." Of course, the work is rarely actually easy... but even the difficulties are just... familiar?

    My biggest issue with dancing was how repetitive and boring it can be, despite its appearance of excitement. When you're looking to get back into it, all you obsess over are the scary / traumatic parts. But the reality of the job for veterans is that it's all very familiar and predictable, in a weird way...

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