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Thread: Under Armour busted for allowing strip club entertainment expense

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    Default Under Armour busted for allowing strip club entertainment expense

    Article in WSJ:Under Armour employees received an email earlier this year that upended a longstanding company practice: They could no longer charge visits to strip clubs on their corporate cards. Strip-club visits were symptomatic of practices women at Under Armour found demeaning, current and former employees say.

    Surprised and not surprised this still happens. One more nail in the strip club business model coffin...

    Maybe I'm a dinosaur, but I remember walking by a strip club after a corporate diner, the two ladies in our group were asked and joined us. This was in Portland, OR so maybe more chill, or maybe my colleagues were?
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    Default Re: Under Armour busted for allowing strip club entertainment expense

    Well, maybe they (the company) doesn't want to get 'in trouble'? (Being recorded, etc).

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