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Thread: Updated Adult Friendly Payment Processors

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    Search Updated Adult Friendly Payment Processors

    Iíve been searching and searching for some updated info since this business has went to shits lol canít find anything in my budget or even close to what I need. Iím not looking for anything big to link to my website at the moment but I do need something to take payments for pre bookings which is looking nearly impossible unless with gift cards basically nothing wrong with that but please correct if Iím wrong. I just wanted something a lil more ďprofessionalĒ looking I guess. Of course adult friendly processors because this will be used for escorting purposes. Any ideas? Or Iím I stuck with the gift card route?

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    Default Re: Updated Adult Friendly Payment Processors

    There arent any adult friendly payment processors for escorting. At least not for the US. All of the payment services that many of us use is specifically for camming, clips and phone sex. Since FOSTA passed those processors have updated their terms letting users know that anything escort related isnt allowed. It may be time to explore crypto as an option.

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    Default Re: Updated Adult Friendly Payment Processors

    Related info- Wells Fargo doesn't allow direct deposit of cash into accounts not your own.

    Which is so stupid. A lot of credit unions have already gotten into the online banking thing so if you choose to use e-banking, see if you can find an independent bank that does that.
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