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Thread: Suggestions for newbie? What to expect?

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    Default Suggestions for newbie? What to expect?

    So the other night (like three days ago) I went to this SC to see if I needed to audition. Itís a Detroit club (Pantheion) and itís about 2 hours from where I live currently. I live in Lansing but the SC out here typically lacks a ratio of WOC (Iím black lol). It also doesnít help that I went to college out here and work a local part time job and full time job with many guys that frequent the SC near Lansing. Although Iím from Detroit, and have family there, at least if I run into someone I know there, Iím two hours away from them 😂😂😂

    Anyway Iíve been hearing that Pantheion is kind of sketch club, but is the only one that doesnít require a license. When I went in there, I was shocked at the fact I didnít need to audition and the person who collects the house fees was super rude. Iím doing this alone and have no idea what to expect 😭 Iím a little terrified. Can anyone tell me what there first night experience was like? What tips can you give me, especially when it comes to cutthroat employees? Iím still trying to break in my 6 inches right now so Iím probably not going to dance for another few days. I figured it would be best for me to start on a slow day (maybe a Monday dayshift?) since Iím not familiar with the club any have no one to show me where the locker room is and etc.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for newbie? What to expect?

    Well I can tell you that Pantheion is an urban club... it’s majority of black girls. With that being said, you gotta have a bit of an aggressive hustle. Day shift is slower but it’s an easier hustle considering that older guys come in earlier so I would recommend day shift until you get your hustle down. Pantheion doesn’t hold auditions.. most urban clubs just have you pay tip out prior to working.

    Being a little scared is natural considering it’s your first time but after your first few shifts it’ll become easier to you. As far as cut throat employees, I wouldn’t pay them any attention. I’d just pay my house fee, tip out, etc, make my money and go home

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