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Thread: Retirement Funds, Managed or Not

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    Default Retirement Funds, Managed or Not

    Several weeks ago, I've converted one of my retirement funds into a managed account with the firm where I have my money. There is a charge associated with this, based on the percentage of profits. I thought a managed account made sense, since I don't take a very active role in managing the money I have stashed in retirement and do not really know much about investments. However, there are costs associated with a managed account, and so much of these investment decisions as to how to allocate your retirement funds are so much a crap shoot, not sure if I should actually trust someone to do this or rather just take the extra time however substantial it may be to learn all this myself. Thoughts? Managed account, or self-manage to save the 1.5% fee.

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    Default Re: Retirement Funds, Managed or Not

    It's better to know what is going on with your money, then to throw your hands up and let someone else manage it, you could need it at retirement and not have enough for what you need.

    There are plenty of books on retirement planning. I am currently reading one I am in Canada so the main person who talks about money who is now retired is Gail Vax Oxlade.

    it is your money, be in charge of it.
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