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Thread: Cannot decide between having a great tan and preserving skin, please help :(

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    Default Re: Cannot decide between having a great tan and preserving skin, please help :(

    Quote Originally Posted by miss.a.p1600 View Post

    Don’t leave out other factors that also contribute to premature aging such as regular drinking of liquor, regular smoking, frequently stress, etc

    People inadvertently age themselves fast especially when they do a combination of these.
    Yeah it's closer to 80-90%, I got confused w the percentages, 95% of skin cancers are due to sun damage.
    Still, at 80%, sun damage makes up for a staggering contribution . The problem most ppl don't realize is that UVA rays (the ones that are responsible for aging) are are basically the same strength throughout the year and the day, and penetrate glass and clouds. so most people think they only need sunscreen during the summer months or when they go outside. But if you want to avoid wrinkles and sagging early on, you'll need to wear it everyday and reapply. A pain, sure, but it beats expensive and invasive treatments (which may or may not even work) later on.

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    Default Re: Cannot decide between having a great tan and preserving skin, please help :(

    Professional spray tan.
    Never ever a tanning bed. It's so damaging, it's really not worth it (at least not for me) :|

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    Default Re: Cannot decide between having a great tan and preserving skin, please help :(

    i would vote just to stay pale. if you reallllly enjoy being tan do it for like ur birthday week or something and enjoy it, then go back to being pale. but year round tanning is just gonna make your skin look dry and old. as for fake tans i feel like the chemicals in those products might be riskier than the sun, DHA especially.

    even tho it wont make you look thinner a bronzer that works with your skin tone can really help your face look much healthier. as for hair and clothing i find that very dark hair makes me look much more pale and not in a good way, the same thing with black clothes. but tan and olive green make me look much less pale.
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