Hi. I have succesfully removed links from google search before by doing the same thing but in the last while something seems to go wrong. I keep filling requests for the same site videos (that has my privates uploaded there without my permission or the sites i work for). I try to google remove them because they don't answer to any dmca mails & they don't answer to the cam site's dmca mails either (i bet we have all been there).

The problem with google: i complete the removal from search request, to find the url i want removed i search for videos and than click on the video. On my DMCA dashboard it says the links are approved (but i have some links from september that are apporoved but still appear on search). When i press on the removal submission to see more details some links are put into approved links and some into "not in index URLs"(most of my last requests are in the not in index urls).
Do you have any idea if i do something wrong and what does not in index URL's mean ?
I keep filling dmcas for the same videos because the site changes something on the urls i belive (and they appear again in search after awhile).

Thank you !