Hi girls,

Was wondering if any of you can help me ! I've started working at Secrets in London ,not been there very long but not seem to be making much money. Purely for the fact that the club has way to many dancers and not enough customers .One night we had 30 dancers and around 10 customers lol .I really enjoy dancing and have a good time and the club but just never made more than £100 a night but want to be making £500 at least !!
So can anyone recommend a good club to start at ?Or is stipping in London has gone down hill?
I'm also thinking of going to Australia and do stripping there ,as I heard you can make some good money too.
I'm currently working as a Daytime Chat girl on Tv but only get 2 days a week so thought i'll take up stripping to make some extra cash .

All help appreciated xxxxx