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    Default BBL Prices

    I've had a bbl, breast augmentation and nose job done in a different country about two and a half years ago. Most of the fat went away from my butt since the bbl, but overall with the lipo, I think my shape has improved. I'm naturally small-framed, with a high-body fat percentage (for a stripper) but also, somewhat muscular bc I do exercise very regularly, mostly run, some weights, about 5'7, 125 with 300cc breast implants.

    Since my surgeries, I've relocated about three different times, once cross country and back. I want to do another round of bbl but I would prefer to go to a doctor that is geographically closer to where I presently live than where I had previously had the surgery done. I got an estimate from a doctor in Mexico City that ranges between $4300-5800. The higher price is to have the operation in a hospital that is JCAHO accredited, the lower price is to have the surgery in an ambulatory clinic that is "as perfectly equipped" (according to the doctor), just not the hospital. He says that he uses the Hercules machine to do the lipo, which from what I gather by googling, is a vaser lipo machine. This particular doctor is a member of an American plastic surgery organization, as well as an international one. He corresponds very well in English via email and says that about 10-15% of his total patients are from either the US or Canada.

    Are these decent prices for bbl? Or can I get something comparable in the US? Last time, I had bbl done, the doctor used the tumescent method. He took out 3 pounds of fat, a lot of which has not come back to it's origin but may have found a new home on my gut. My weight hovers about exactly the same before my breast implants and lipo and now. I think most of the bulging fat I have left would be my stomach. Is that a difficult area to get the lipo right?

    This doctor also speaks very highly of ulthera, given some concerns I've raised with him. He says it's $1500 for full face. I'm not even sure I need full face, unless it's preventative. Is he over-prescribing? Does that procedure make your face melt? I had some juvaderm to fill my under-eye hollows several years back and I think it stretched out the skin, such that now I have wrinkles beneath my eyes when I smile. I already had a consult for thermage with an American doctor, but after doing some research, ulthera seems to be the preferred method. Any input?

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    Default Re: BBL Prices

    I was quoted around $9,000 from the top BBL surgeon in Miami. I would be afraid of going overseas for plastic surgery, but that's just me. Some people get great results at a great price, others pay the ultimate price of a botched surgery/severe complications. At least in the states you're close to home and god forbid but if you had an emergency, you're going to be in a state-of-the-art hospital that is more than qualified and equipped to treat you. I'd strongly advise waiting and saving your money until you can afford the best. Everything might go fine, I know girls who've had amazing surgeries done in South America, but it's a gamble. There are plenty of horror stories as well.

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    Default Re: BBL Prices

    If you're going to pay $5800 anyways plus flight and hotel, I would pay 7-10G in Miami and know you're in the USA. My surgeon in Miami was $9-10,000 but there are good surgeons in Miami that charge $7,000. Also if any complications arise or negligence, you can sue. You pretty much toss that out the window in these foreign countries. If I was going to ANY foreign country for surgery though, I would go to COlombia. Not MX or DR.

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    Default Re: BBL Prices

    yeah that's super high to go to mexico. i would go to miami, there's plenty of drs here that do good work. and even cheaper than 7,000.

    if you want the BBL to last, aftercare is crucial. i would try to avoid having to fly back a week later, or even 2 weeks if possible. and no sitting or dieting right after. i dieted right after my 1st BBL, and had to do it all over. although i do think my 1st doctor was crappy.

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