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Thread: Hello, Need Your Suggestion

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    Default Hello, Need Your Suggestion

    Hi Guys!

    Like every woman, I want to look slim and young that's why I reduced 10kg within a year. Now, my physic is fine but have some fat around the belly. I've done many things to reduce my belly fat from cardio workouts to slimming pills. Now, my belly skin shredded off some fat but the belly surface has gotten very loose that's why I bought a waist trainer after watching an advertisement on the TV but made rashies.

    When I talked with my friend, who suggested me to wear a waist trainer advised me to buy a branded one. I got the list of these the best branded waist trainers. Can you recommend me any of reliable from them?

    I don't want to make any mistake this time. Your serious suggestions would be considered.

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    Default Re: Hello, Need Your Suggestion

    I think you should try some cardio workouts to overcome belly fat. I have used lemon and honey tea to reduce belly fat, and it worked for me. However, if you want to get any wearable in this regard, then I would recommend going with any body shaper instead of waist trainer. Here, you can see a good collection of body shapers.

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