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Thread: Wisconsin Ladies

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    WWW Wisconsin Ladies

    Hey ladies, I am currently at scores in Chicago and looking to make some day trips since its been slow here for me and Chicago just sucks lol

    Anyone in MKE have any advice on clubs? I'm Latina HWP, implants with long hair and tasteful tattoos if they're strict on hiring

    If you're ever in Chi or Indiana I can def help you out with free rent at many clubs around here!

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    Default Re: Wisconsin Ladies

    Look up On the Border, Franklin, WI. I'm not sure how their days are, or tatt policy.

    I went there a few years ago, (w/a guy, as a customer) it was fun.

    Good luck
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    Default Re: Wisconsin Ladies

    Hi do you have any idea hall downtown Chicago is in the summer. Specifically the ricks Cabaret which used to be VIP . I am in South Florida.

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    Default Re: Wisconsin Ladies

    Depends on what type of club you’re looking for. In Milwaukee there are 3 Silk Exotics.. 2 of them are downtown. I worked at the one off of Silver Spring. Audition was pretty easy. Had to dance to 2 songs (May have been 3.. can’t quite remember). I didn’t stay long because of their “tip walk” and there’s a certain time within the night where they make all of the dancers go on stage to try to sell their t-shirts. Money was ok.. nothing to brag about.

    There’s Exotica’s that just recently opened. More of an urban club. Haven’t worked there personally but have a few friends that do. Good money to be made if you have a great hustle.

    Also haven’t worked at On the Border but i also have a friend that works there that does great.
    Most of mke clubs don’t mind the tattoos

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