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Thread: Hey I知 new.

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    Default Hey I知 new.

    I’m Tay. I’ve always wanted to dance just never really was able to do it whether I got pregnant. Had to move. Clubs sucked etc. now is the time! I did waitress in a club many years ago but it wasn’t the best and never really got along with the other girls.

    Little about me. Single mom of two teenage daughters. Love to travel. Shop. Overall get along with most everybody.

    Looking to learn and make friends.

    Here is a not so long ago picture of me. I do have some stretch marks. Feedback is welcome.

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    Default Re: Hey I知 new.

    Sorry I tried to get picture to show up but you have to click link. Not sure what I’m doing wrong

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    Default Re: Hey I知 new.

    I'll leave most of this for ladies with real experience.

    The reason you can't post a pic is because your account is too new. You either need a certain number of posts or need to have the account for a certain amount of time. I forget which.

    Pleasers seem to be the favorite shoe and your can get them cheap on eBay. The only problem is if you are a half size (like me). I'm going to try Ellie and see if I can get a better fit.

    Workout and tone up, but don't let weight stop you from trying to get into a club. The job itself will help you lose weight. Eat light around the time of the job to keep yourself from being bloated. Don't eat anything strong smelling either.

    Tipping employees is a thing. You can also tip waitresses and other girls who help you with a thing.

    There's lots of great videos on YouTube with floor work and basic pole work that can be practiced and made into a sexy dance.

    Know the policies in your area. You might need a license. You need to know what the fixing limits are. Etc

    Bring several changes of clothes each night just in case and so you can freshen up. Also if you have bad knees you can make knee pads to match your outfits.

    Practicing flattering hair styles and makeup and nails is good too. You can find a lot of neat tutorials online.

    Create your boundaries before hand and stick to them. How far will you go for a normal lapdance? VIP? Champagne room? I'm not just talking about outright sex. You could plan to limit what you do to make the more expensive packages worth more.

    Have an exit plan and set aside as much of your paycheck as you can for savings.

    Get the Textnow app and get a second phone number through it. Memorize it. If you on a whim give your number out make sure it's that number. Then it cannot be traced to your real life and you can change it if a guy is harassing you.

    Depending on where you are you may want to park somewhere nearby and take an Uber between the club and your car.

    Just my quick this reading this before bed. Best of luck!

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