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Thread: Who's got piercings? What piercings do you have?

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    Default Who's got piercings? What piercings do you have?

    Who has body piercings? What do you have pierced? How many piercings? Any regrets? Anything you would like to get pierced but never have or are too nervous to have done? What piercing hurt the most?

    I had my upper belly button pierced when in high school but it got infected so I had to get rid of it. While still in high school, man our friend decided to pierce our own belly buttons. We got a long needle and a bunch of ice. We ended up at piercing each other's belly button. At the time my upper belly button was already pierced so I got my lower belly button pierced. I can't begin to describe the pain. I turned white and pale and felt like passing out and then threw up. The piercing that came out slightly off-centered. The upper belly button got infected so I had to get rid of it but to this day, that day age 37, I still have it pierced. I got nostril pierced and had that for about 5 years for getting rid of it. I also had my tongue pierced well in high school. I can't read that about two years later. And then about a year after that I got it pierced again and kept that probably until somewhere around 2009. I've often thought about getting my nipples pierced. Back around 2010 I started training for half marathons and full marathons. Now I do marathons and triathlons. Only having about 2% body fat, my boobs that were nice and full, a large C to a small d, due to all of my training, my boobs aren't as full as they used to be, when you lose body fat, you lose it from everywhere, even a little bit from your boobs. Don't get me wrong, they're still very nice looking, just not as full as they used to be. Being 37 and not having my boots as full as they used to be and of course the pain oh, that's giving me no desire to get them pierced. in my early and mid-twenties, I often thought about getting my clit pierced after a night partying and being drunk With Friends, but again, the pain has always scared me away. I was with a very close longtime friend of mine when she got both of her nipples pierced. She ended up blacking out for a few minutes after the first piercing and then blacked out again after the second and ended up throwing up in my car on the way home. About six months later I was with her when she got her clit pierced. She didn't black out I got very nauseated I didn't throw up. She said it was painful for about two weeks after and took almost three months to completely heal for she could have sex again. But now she says the orgasms are much more intense.

    So for now, all I've gotten pierced are 2 in each ear and my lower belly button. Which has her for me good from nearly my whole adult life. No plans to have anything else pierced.

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    Default Re: Who's got piercings? What piercings do you have?

    I have my septum pierced and my earlobes stretched to about 1/2 inch.

    Used to also have two tongue piercings, labret, ear cartilege, nipples, navel, vertical hood and inner labia but almost all of them rejected. And the tongue and lip piercings caused gum recession. Sucks, I miss them.

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    Default Re: Who's got piercings? What piercings do you have?

    No. Guess I'm too conservative.

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    Default Re: Who's got piercings? What piercings do you have?

    Upper navel -- still have it, but rarely wear anything in it anymore. Lost the habit doing physical jobs where I risked getting it caught on things and ripped out.

    Had my right eyebrow pierced for about four or five months. Took it out for good following the breakup by the bf that I got it done with. I somewhat miss it but since I associate it with him (we got them done on a date -- my eyebrow and he got the bar through the two spots in the ear cartilage) I have never had any desire to get it redone.

    Ears -- 4 in the left (3 lobe, 1 cartilage) and 2 in the right lobe. Some of them were self-done. The last of them were done during university when I decided I wanted cartilage piercings in both my ears. They both got massively infected, as in 'shot in the arse and a week of antibiotics' infected -- no more gun piercings, ever! When they healed I tried them one more time, deciding if they didn't heal after the second go then it wasn't meant to be, and only the one in the left cartilage healed properly. I also had a piercing in my right ear about halfway between the top of the lobe and the beginning of the cartilage that was nothing but trouble -- it was very prone to infection and just never really healed properly. Even when it wasn't infected, if I took the earring out for more than a couple minutes it would try to close right away. After about 8 years of fighting my body over it, I admitted defeat and let it close for good. All that's left of it is a fat, permanently greenish dot of a scar.

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    Default Re: Who's got piercings? What piercings do you have?

    I have two in each ear lobe. Got the first done when I was 23... like tattoos, it was one of those things I wanted, but couldn't really muster up the nerve to do it. Then one of my friends was like, "if you can almost bleed out from a bomb blast and live to tell about it, you should be able to get your ears pierced" after we'd made plans to get it done then I kept finding excuses to get out of it. Well, that logic was a little difficult to refute, so I did it. And some young girl... couldn't have been older than 10 or so.. had hers done immediately after me, did it with considerably more composure than I did, and just grinned at me as if she were taunting me. Little shithead... So I had to go back a second time and try to redeem myself for that.
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    Default Re: Who's got piercings? What piercings do you have?

    Upper navel twice, but it never healed all the way each time, so I only have half a hole until I try getting it pierced again.

    Two in each lower earlobe.

    One on the left side of my nostril (the good girl side).

    Both my inner labia.

    I've been thinking about redoing the navel and getting tongue and a triangle, but the desire hasn't been strong enough.

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    Default Re: Who's got piercings? What piercings do you have?

    Ears only one each. Nipples, from time to time I've had both pierced, let both close up (breast feeding) had one pierced and now back to both. Upper navel, now healed. Left labia.

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