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Thread: How do you guys feel about regulars?

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    Default Re: How do you guys feel about regulars?

    I don't like regulars. I mean if customers come in multiple times and remember me and wanna spend money on me that's great but the dude who wants us to have some kind of personal relationship and expects me to give him my number and stay in touch and talk to him like were friends? I avoid them like a disease. I like being the customers favorite stripper, but nothing more than that. The regular-y type of guys see you as more of a friend or significant other and hope that you wil see them as more than a dollar sign.

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    Default Re: How do you guys feel about regulars?

    Quote Originally Posted by 305gurl View Post
    They say 70-80% of a dancer's income come from repeat customers.
    Who is "they" and on what authority?

    That is blatantly untrue and I'm sure hundreds of dancers in tourist areas would back me up.
    I'm not even in a tourist area & I've never had more than maybe 20% of my income be from regulars (we all know how I feel about them, especially in light of recent events!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by crystalize View Post
    Ok so i gotta turn up the moronic drunk slut

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    Default Re: How do you guys feel about regulars?

    Quote Originally Posted by yaya_cash View Post
    And I find it hard to cultivate regulars when the club has so many tourists. How can that help?
    One of my best regulars I had was when I was in a "tourist club". Out of town regulars are the best. They don't want to be stuck bored in a hotel, so automatically come to see you when in town.

    Just find out what they do and how often they have to come in to your area. And obviously, make sure you don't forget to mention your schedule.

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