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I agree with most of this in theory, but not every man has the desire or the emotional fortitude to function as the primary bread winner. There was a time where this was the norm, but a lot of boys aren't raised to think this way anymore. Too many of them are too weak and too self indulgent to shoulder that load - they can't handle the pressure or the sacrifices that must be made.

When he made the comments that he did, it rang off a warning bell to me. She's right to be questioning his state of mind. What she really needs to do is sit down with him and find out what he's thinking. It's been a year and a half and she won't be young forever. If he doesn't intend to move forward, she needs to know sooner rather than later.
this is true in America where family values are not taken seriously. Men are still men in many other countries. I grew up with a single mom and a loser father and I wouldn’t wish that reality on anyone. The truth is if you can’t find a man who knows how to take charge and handle life, you’re better off alone. Because being with a man who doesn’t want to be a provider will ruin your life.
women have been brainwashed with wanting to be 50/50 with a man, but most men won’t take over domestic responsibilities in the home, so women become overworked, tired and overweight.

Asking you as a man, do you ever notice how many women in other countries that have more strict gender rules tend to be more feminine and beautiful than many American women? Because they still have those values that a man is a provider. And these women don’t leave the house in sweatpants and yell at their man like they are a dog. I never bought into the “strong woman” “ride or die(die for what?? That guy who left you raising his kid alone with no money?)” or “bad bitch” masculine mentality that a lot of modern women have, I think it ruins them when they get older .