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Thread: Over my marriage

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    Default Over my marriage

    Just need to vent please excuse me but im over being married to my husband. Its way to many past issues and no trust on both sides there hasn't been any infidelity on ethier side. Nbut the the beginning of our relationship sucked 6 yrs later 2 kids later and im no longer in love. Im a part time stay at home mom he dont help out around the house as much as id like. So im ALWAYS the one depressed with burn out.....

    Sorry for the vent but i think my marriage is done

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    Default Re: Over my marriage

    make him read this:

    also, it's time to come straight out and say:

    I am burned out. I am tired of this. Are you feeling the same way?
    Should we pursue divorce or should we try couples counseling first,
    even if we don't want to, for the kids?

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    I personally wouldn’t mention divorce just yet. Cause if things somehow worked out, dudes be having LONG memories when it comes to shit like “oh remember that time you tried to divorce me?” - things they can bring up later for leverage against you.

    But yeah see if it could work out then do what you gotta do once y’all have exhausted all other avenues

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    I am not going to ask questions about the situation since it’s not my business. But had you consider taking a break from him, sometimes that can help mend a relationship (I’m speaking from a family in general point of view), maybe a well needed vacation with your mother (random thought).

    I wouldn’t throw the relationship away just yet based on what you said, cause I don’t know the situation. Good luck in whatever you do!

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