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Thread: Looking for a new club in a new state

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    Default Looking for a new club in a new state

    I have been a dancer for over 2 years now and am looking into moving! I currently live and work in Northern California my club is not employee yet but every other club is so I am possibly looking into moving out of state the star would still have to be liberal just for safety reason of my family. Anyone have any good states/city’s/or club I am 20 almost 21 5’4 120lbs I have tattoos and piercings thank you for all your help💕

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    Default Re: Looking for a new club in a new state

    The midwest caters to the young & tattooed. "Private Dancer" on the west side of Columbus, Ohio is one. I've never danced there myself. There are a couple other clubs here that would hire you as well. Good luck

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    Default Re: Looking for a new club in a new state

    Things are changing so fast lately. Certain industries are doing great and some have taken a nosedive. There is recession but apparently it’s not as bad as projected a month or two ago? It’s definitely more of an uncertain time right now, and IMO I think we need more time before forming an opinion on any one area. Sure, there are places I’ve travelled to and I’ve liked.

    BUT, for example, travel (especially the business kind) will probably be way down until maybe late 2021? At least for white collar, blue collar that probably won’t be as much. My guess is choosing a club, think of a place where most of the locals and especially regulars are at least tolerable.

    (For example, no personal experience but I’ve heard Vegas locals are a-holes. Probably would be good to wait a while before trying it out there) I think most of Oregon, whether Portland or even smaller areas might be worth looking into since it’s relatively nearby.

    But there’s other options out there too and I’d recommend short-term traveling first, so you can get a temporary feel for whether you like a place well enough before committing on a real move.

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