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Thread: Comedy Series "Cam_Girlfriend" Launches on YouTube

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    WWW Comedy Series "Cam_Girlfriend" Launches on YouTube

    Chaturbate is excited to announce the debut episode of "Cam_Girlfriend," starring Chaturbate broadcaster Lily LeBeau, is now streaming on the Camming Life channel on YouTube:

    “Cam_Girlfriend” follows rising cam model Chloe Cables (Lily LaBeau) as she balances her relationship with her boyfriend, Mike (Dave Keystone) with her relationship to her work and fans. Together, they soon learn that camming is a job you can’t help but take home.

    The series will run 10 episodes and made possible by Canada's Independent Production Fund (IPF). It was created by Ethan Cole, written by Cole and Michael Goldlist and directed by Daniel AM Rosenberg. The producers are Goldlist, Rosenberg and Kennedy.

    "We felt camming was a fascinating world rich with comedic material for us to explore. It's a place where so much more than just sex happens' friendships are formed, art is expressed, and hilarity occurs daily," said the executive producers in a joint statement. "In an increasingly digital world, we realized there was no better way to look at digital relationships than through the lens of a cam model."

    The first episode of "Cam_Girlfriend," which debuted today, is titled "The Registry." Chloe and Mike cover-up their tracks after they devise a scheme to use Chloe’s camming registry to start paying for their friends’ wedding presents. The situation comes to a brew after an expensive espresso machine is purchased.

    Find the Camming Life channel online here:
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    And Instagram:
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    The first webcam site ever to have Apps!

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