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For me, a date consists of something the last guy didn't do. Not dinner and a movie. The Zoo ( that can be romantic, if you MAKE it romantic), Minigolf, or the Science Center, or Ziplining (if she's not afraid of heights), something unique. But there's always food involved. But i'll usually take her to some place she's neve been, like a Lebanese Restaurant, or African food, or Greek (most folks have never had any of this, but I know the location of most of these places). This is how you stick out in her mind. Unique experiences.

Because her next date is gonna be boring and she'll be thinking about YOU the whole time. Expect a phone call...

You gotta work to make a girl like you, she not just gonna snap to it.
BTW, even if she wants you to, never kiss her on the first date, even if she wants you to. And DEFINATELY don't fuck her on the first date. Leave her wanting more. Save sex for later.