I'm calling BS Madden!

God I wouldn't mind watching him becoming stiff armed. I don't think we blameless from the Fitzpatrick situation and I will always be pissed that it came down to us having to exchange him. I mean come on, when we had him, how nasty could our secondary be? It's all of the bullshit he was talking once he must Pittsburgh. He could not stand being used in flexible roles but once he got his manner he morphed into Mr. team talking about how he is prepared to play wherever they want him. He did not wish to do the work involved in being a strong security. He only wanted to keep his jersey clean drifting the secondary getting selections to fulfill his stat sheet. He is a diva.

There is nothing wrong with what he's said, it makes sense. Pittsburgh put him and he flourished. It cites his stats dipped because QBs weren't throwing his way. That caused him to want to become more versatile and therefore more difficult to defend. I am grateful Minkah discovered what works for him. In the end of the day people are going to make judgements and I think he wanted no part of a whip.

He could not buy in although he was dressed to be the chess piece with the Dolphins. He lasted two weeks until he asked for a transaction, could not make it even a quarter of the season. So from my standpoint that he stopped on the team. The issue of his role on the defense proved to be a reason to eliminate what was likely to be a team and long term rebuild. He saw an out and took it. I don't dislike him for leaving. I dislike the manner in which I perceive that he pushed his way. However, as Minkah States

It is part of Madden NFL 21. It is part of the job. They exchanged three other players, too." Yeah, business is business. Nothing better than forcing a transaction to a iconic franchise famous for great defenses. In addition to getting to play his favorite role. Picks all over the starting lineup. It is an excellent choice to playing a job he didn't want to on a team embarking on a rebuild. So now that he obtained what he wanted he is conveniently ready to be flexible so he can keep padding his stat sheet. But he will always come off as a bum to me.

I believe that the issue is you are thinking that him speaking about flexibility means playing a lot of places where he's considering versatility where he can roam the field such as Polamalu and Ed Reed had the liberty to perform, not flexibility as in play with a substantial amount of SS/LB/SCB/CB/FS such as he did with us. There was a post where he specifically said that he"Liked the versatility playing security brings" or something along those lines, I will edit this post once I find it. Clearly that does not mean enjoying to play a whole lot of different positions. That's a look for my debate that is defending. It feels like he's trying to talk up but it is ironic that was said by him, especially about playing at the box, when it is a position that he confessed he's not comfortable playing.

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