If you've ever tried to import Apple Music into Virtual DJ, you will find that though those files can be recognized, they cannot be played. To answer these two questions, the information of FairPlay has to be brought in. FairPlay is a digital right management scheme launched by Apple Inc. to protect the copyright of their media contents on iTunes and Apple Music. Apple Music is in M4P, a DRM-ed audio format, and M4P format cannot be played on any non-licensed media player other than Apple Music. That's the exactly why you can't directly play Apple Music on Virtual DJ. You may consider taking a detour- using .
By detour, I mean you can use TunesKit to convert Apple Music songs to non-DRMed format and then you can import them to VDJ. TunesKit is a top leader in DRM removal field, providing removal solution that helps you easily bypass DRM. TunesKit DRM Audio Converter can remove DRM from Apple Music songs, iTunes audiobooks and Audible audiobooks and convert them to common format. The following section will present you how to mix Apple Music songs with Virtual DJ.