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Thread: How do you keep track of time?

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    Default How do you keep track of time?

    Hi, Iím a aspiring baby stripper just trying to get enough answers to ease my anxiety about starting.

    How do you keep track of time in a dance? Like if you charge by song you listen to the songs, but if you have a half hour in a VIP or charge by time, how do you know when thatís passed?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: How do you keep track of time?

    The club has VIP hosts/waitresses/bouncers that come tell you when time is up... I have also made my own VIPs where I sold a block of time instead of songs & just set a timer on my phone.
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    Default Re: How do you keep track of time?

    Most floor dances, listen for song starts. Most VIP will be times for you. Get in a club and it will be apparent.

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    Default Re: How do you keep track of time?

    Floor dances/lap dance room, I just wait for the next song to start (or I'll just go ahead and start the dance if it's still early into the song), if they're drunk I just guesstimate because they won't notice aha

    For VIP room where it goes by time, usually a VIP host or manager will come get you when time's up, in very few clubs do they expect you to do it yourself, but you can just use your phone or watch

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    Default Re: How do you keep track of time?

    Never work without a wristwatch. Customers will try to screw you over, talk to you long for free and get longer dances and VIPs. Management and hosts often do lame work.
    You won't even notice and the time will fly and time = money.

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