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Thread: I canít work like I used to.....

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    Default I canít work like I used to.....

    The clubs are back to open here in Ontario but truthfully since coming back I donít feel the same. Itís hard to feel and act sexy when the state of the world is what it is right now. Plus thinking about catching this thing from hell. My sex drive seems to be affected by this. Sorry to sound like a negative Nancy. Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way ? Im considering going back to vanilla work until this thing is resolved.

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    Default Re: I canít work like I used to.....

    I understand you very well! Even though I don't dance now, you have my full understanding. It's just so many things that feels weird now, and I actually don't know when and if it will ever be like before. At least now, it feels like a long way to go..

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    Default Re: I canít work like I used to.....

    I can understand it. This whole pandemic was one hell of a deal, and I certainly can empathize, especially living in a state with lots of Cletus Bob sorts and their whole, “thu mask violates mah liburty” drivel.
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