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Thread: Down with the Duopoly

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    Default Down with the Duopoly

    So done with duopolies. Political and shoes. Ellies and Pleasers have gone to shit. My third marriage lasted longer than my last pair of Pleasers. Still not the worst, though. That dubious distinction goes to the Highest Heel. The first guy I fucked lasted longer than those. (About 15 minutes and that counted standing in
    line to buy the condoms.)

    Anyhow...I have switched to LeeCabe shoes from AliExpress. It's a site based in China. I was turned onto it by another member on here. (Forgot her fucking handle) She convinced me to give it a try. I ordered a pair of purple suede boots. Shipping took about 2 weeks. Par for the course with international shipping.
    So far I FUCKING LOVE MY BOOTS!!!!! Comfy as fuck, well made, and they've held up relatives well. The insides are lined with leather.

    Downside: shipping is a bit lengthy. Read the vendor reviews. I did not heed fellow member's advice and now I'm stuck with two pairs boots from another vendor that are too large for me.
    I recommend Twoland Store and LeeCabe official. All the other vendors are caveat emptor.
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    Default Re: Down with the Duopoly

    Cho mọi người ! Nếu bạn có coppy hay chỉnh sữa bi viết của mình thì xin để lại nguồn tác giả nhé, thanks

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