I'm Lindsey and I'm a photojournalist. For 3 years I spent time at Tattletales in Atlanta (shoutout if any of y'all are on here/read this!) interviewing and photographing the dancers and the house mom, Charleen. I made this series to help dispel stereotypes and taboos about stripping, to celebrate the strength and beauty of strippers. Please view the images for yourself so you know I'm not trying to be creepy or exploit anyone .

I'm now writing an article about stripping for a magazine that focuses on traditional culture, and I wanted to ask y'all what YOU want people to know about working at a strip club/stripping culture-- what's message do you want to share? All answers will be kept anonymous unless you request otherwise.

Please feel free to message me too if you want to do a more in-depth interview about how you learned what to do/who taught you, any rituals or traditions you have before stepping on stage, what your favorite part of the job is, etc!