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Thread: Hey, girls! Looking for advice :D

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    Default Hey, girls! Looking for advice :D

    Good evening, ladies!

    I was a stripper for a few years a while back, and I really am looking forward to get back into it. I'm in Oregon but planning to move to a bigger city/state where hopefully the money is better than in Oregon. Also, looking to go to 3D animation school as there isn't shit in Oregon! I'm so glad we have a forum like this where us girls can all get together and just chat and give tips and whatnot.

    I'm a little nervous though considering I'm 26 years old, now. I still am in fairly good shape, and I still get carded for cigarettes and stuff so I don't think age should matter, but it does give me a little anxiety thinking about it LOL.

    I actually quit dancing the last time because my parents found out and it basically tore them apart, and my dad practically disowned me. That hurt a lot. He stopped talking to me or calling me, he wouldn't even text me. But I see nothing wrong with the sex work industry and tbh I truly really enjoyed it, so I'm going to do it again, anyway. My only real concern is that I'm choosing to hide it from them, but I have no real idea how to do that. I invest in the stock market and turn out pretty well sometimes, so I could totally play it off as if I was succeeding in just investing alone, but... I still worry what would happen if I were to get 'caught'. I'm freaking 26 and I have anxiety about this -_- Send help lol.

    So I guess if you ladies have any tips or advice on how to cope with hiding something like this from people you love would be great. And yes, I've tried talking it out with them and telling them and it just isn't worth my time, I'm going to do it anyway so I'd rather just hide it and move on with my life since they'll never accept it. I suppose I'm trying to have my cake and eat it too. Maybe it'll work, or maybe I'll shoot myself in the foot. Who knows at this point?

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    Default Re: Hey, girls! Looking for advice :D

    My tip is to not spend too extravagantly or text them late at night because for me I'd get the concerned text from my mom. "where did this money come from?" "why are you up so late?"
    Gets old hiding lie after lie from family. She thinks I haven't been working again.
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    Default Re: Hey, girls! Looking for advice :D

    I moved 3 hours away and have kept it from them for 5 years now. Similar story: they didn't take it well, guilt tripped me into quitting, etc. It tore me up not following my heart, so I opted to move to a different state which I had always wanted to live in anyway. I never flaunted my $$, and had a straight job part time so I always had "real work" stuff to talk about when they asked about my job. It sucked lying but it's easier when you live a decent distance away and visits are infrequent. When I did visit, I would dramatically tone down my appearance to boring modest daughter mode. Lol. It was hard lying but worth it for my sanity. Dancing for me was/is a calling in some ways. I felt like I wasn't following my path by quitting for them. Nowadays I think of it like my personal private adult life which they have no business knowing. I don't talk about my personal sex life with them, lol, so why would I talk about my sex work. Hope this helps.

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