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Thread: Career change....medical?

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    Default Career change....medical?

    I thought about getting into medical billing/coding as something to fall back on later has anyone else transitioned into a job like this?
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    Default Re: Career change....medical?

    I looked into this career because I got sick of having a direct patient care job due to productivity pressures. There's a couple coder networking facebook groups for it--think they're called AAPC where you'll find a lot of good information. I think it's an interesting career because there's so many different medical diagnoses and codes for why someone might need medical care and it's like "solving a puzzle" trying to figure out the correct one. From my understanding the education requirements aren't too long or too expensive like some other medical careers and there's the opportunity to go remote once you've built up experience. The only drawback might be getting your foot in the door. Seems like there's some complaints of having a hard time getting that first job and having to do front office medical work or something similar before you can move up to a proper coding position. IF you have some other type of hustle to help float you in the meantime then it might be worth it.
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    Default Re: Career change....medical?

    My friend went to a trade school for it. It was pretty expensive for what it was ($10k) and I don't think her pay was that great at her first couple of jobs, like $14-$15/hour.
    She stuck it out though and now she does billing for Mayo Clinic. They pay better and have great benefits, so she's happy with it.

    It seems to be like any other career where the first one or two jobs may suck and/or pay badly, but after you have experience you can move into better positions. If there's a way to teach yourself and network into a position, I would do that instead of a school, especially if you were going to need to student loans to pay for it.
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    Default Re: Career change....medical?

    I also want to career change into the medical field and surprisingly I also want to switch to medical billing/coding. At this time in my life, I just really want to do paperwork, I’m so sick of front facing customer service jobs.

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