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Thread: Current VEGAS 2021 Info

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    Default Current VEGAS 2021 Info

    Has anyone worked in Vegas recently ? I have heard the weirdest stories like clubs being bikini bars now . I'm going to make some calls. I'll update here if I visit and audition soon. I don't mind working bikini only especially IF that means you don't need the sheriffs card currently.

    Call #1 - Sapphire
    It's bikini only stage .
    There is a no contact rule in effect still ( city wide ) .
    The girl on phone wasn't able to answer my question about if the contactless options do away with the need for current sheriffs card ( mine isn't current ).

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    Default Re: Current VEGAS 2021 Info

    They're all bikini bars. No lapdances anywhere. Sell vip and wear pasties and see through tops

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