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Thread: So thee dollhouse in Tampa, FL is racist?

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    Sad So thee dollhouse in Tampa, FL is racist?

    Long story short I was fired from my rinky dink 9-5 & I am on the path to becoming an entrepreneur therefore i'm considering giving dancing another shot as I build my business. This particular club I did see under a maps review a couple of years ago about discrimination. The woman was biracial or multicultural and she got a few likes and comments underneath that post. I did not doubt her comment at all as this is FL but still "Da souf" and I don't doubt any woman of color that would express such a ugly concern but I'm also the type of person where I like to see for myself. Anyway I went in for an audition MONDAY night 02/22/2021 mind you I called in to confirm if it was okay or not but when I went in I was told to come back Tuesday morning. I personally wanted to work at the dollhouse because it's considered a high value club and it's even located near steakhouses & a nice hotel. I would go audition at Oz that I have worked at 3 years ago but I did not like the club! Oz takes extra fees and I don't care for the breast touching. Are there any clubs that you all recommend near the Tampa area or Florida in general that sound like my type of club? Thank you! I would upload my photo but the website won't allow it.
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    Default Re: So thee dollhouse in Tampa, FL is racist?

    Yeah, I get the impression your best shot is doing day shift for a while and then eventually figure out how to get on night shift from there. And figure out how to get on the positive side of club politics. :/ I met a really beautiful black dancer once who was excited about finally getting on night shift and she loved the club. But then later when I was heading out, the house mom was going after her saying she couldn’t work. Idk if it got resolved and she was allowed to stay after all, but I felt bad for her.

    This all happened a year ago mid February.

    On the plus side, seemed like the manager guy I met during the day seemed really nice. Hopefully he is still there.

    I only did one shift there and I didn’t really like all the strict rules there. Maybe if I lived in the area and could have adjusted to it, it would have been fine. But as a traveller...bleh

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