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Thread: For the anxious camgirls in bad relationships. Did you get out?

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    Default For the anxious camgirls in bad relationships. Did you get out?

    Sooo I used to post here when I was camming a few years ago before I moved to another country and turned to stripping which was lots of fun but now I'm back to it since my club had to shut down bc of the pandemic. My landlord decided then he wanted to move in with his family while I was sick with corona so I had to move in with my bf.

    Not going to get into details but it turned out to be a quite toxic relationship. He was fine with me camming - he suggested it actually - until he wasn't & etc etc etc same old story. I love camming & I have a mind for business but I suffer from so many things it's hard to count (adhd social anxiety endometriosis chronic pain etc etc) and because I have to deal with this constantly walking on eggshells & not knowing what comes next I find it so hard to find the motivation to work and to get out.

    It's been a year living here in the middle of the countryside far away from family and friends I don't know anybody here and he makes me feel so lonely I just can't keep going like this.

    I'm wondering if there are any others who were in a similar situation and managed to leave. I find it so hard to put the hours bc I have to work around his schedule & the anxiety gets in the way often. When I'm on my own I know I can work so hard and push through anything though. I'm on SM bc I have a wired connection but I wonder if I should just leave & share or go somewhere cheap and use wifi maybe try Chaturbate instead bc I know SM would be impossible without a stable connection. Any ideas?

    Hard times I hope all you ladies are safe & doing alright and thanks for reading...
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    Default Re: For the anxious camgirls in bad relationships. Did you get out?

    Every bad relationship I was in I left or it ended.

    I refuse to stay in bad situations of any kind, personal or business.

    With the pandemic going on you have to think of different resources or you have to stand up to him and set the ground rules.
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    Default Re: For the anxious camgirls in bad relationships. Did you get out?

    Could say it till I am blue in the face however, the person on the other end of the spectrum either refused to accept the relationship being over or believed by ignoring the expressed desire to end the relationship it would in turn continue as if nothing had happened. In my situation I was initially shamed for being a camgirl in my past and it was that see no evil, hear no evil behavior that was the first sign of toxicity, along with other signs that reared around the corner such as controlling what I wore and making sly, passive aggressive comments towards my appearance and personal views. Before getting hitched, I met guys who pretended to be accepting of my job, only to then turn out and become controlling, wanting access to my chatroom and getting jealous over clients when it was known prior that was a camgirl. In this circumstance a piano could fall on this guys head and he still won't get that the relationship/marriage has been over for a long time. I have planned to go back to camming and restart my life over with a new chapter and serious lesson to live by. Did I get out? Still in the process of leaving, but on my way out, also got a puppy to replace his ass and to focus that energy to which has greatly helped, and that is why you should never give those the benefit of the doubt who show you red flags early on.
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    Default Re: For the anxious camgirls in bad relationships. Did you get out?

    Here's a great quote from the movie Steel Magnolias by Wheezer....-" Men are the most horrible creatures, honey. They will ruin your life.!"

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